Find your pearls

“There are pearls in the deep sea, but one must hazard all to find them. If diving once does not bring you pearls, you need not conclude that the sea is without them. Dive again and again.”  –Ramakrishna

Step 1: Breathe. If you are going to dive into a deep sea, then you’ll want to expand your lungs with deep breaths.

Exhale and express gratitude for the pearls found already.  I want to maintain focus on those I have not just those I haven’t found.

Step 2:  Breathe.

Release your breath as you recognize the imperfectly shaped pearls for the gems they are.  I want to see each one for the gift each brings into my life, even if it brings sadness or pain. Those, too, are gifts.

Step 3: Breathe.

Exhale and breathe again.  Clear your mind of clutter as you imagine the pearls to be found.  I want to revel in this step.  Sometimes what I  imagine is even better than reality.  The possibilities open up my eyes and break open my heart. I am willing.  This may take even more courage than the next step.

Step 4:  Breathe.

Then dive.  Dive deep.   Some days this effort requires me to swim hard and fast.  Some days this requires help from others.  Every day it requires me to let go of the surface, let go of my anxiety, let go of those things I believe I need or want.

Step 5: Breathe.

Exhale. Some days this diving business insists on patience. Is it ok if I don’t dive deep each day? Will I miss a pearl.  I might.  But there will be another.

Step 6:Breathe

Reach and grasp. Exhale. Surface. When I find something, I may need to return to step 2.  What I have might not look like what I imagined it would.  After all,  this pearl might look better in the sunlight.

Step 7:


Did I miss any steps? I’d love to know: what are your steps to find life’s pearls?  What are your pearls?

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